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The Hippo

Found this Hippo roaring away as it's opponent tries to look above the wall.

What Makes The World Move?

What makes the world move round and round and round? What else; of course it's LOVE.

Mean Green Machine

Yes it is the Mean Green one but it's not Green Goblin, It's Mercedes AMG GT R.

The Lion

The King of the Jungle, striking a pose and locking the camera in eye contact. The Lion, King is always a King. 

Close up Flower

Close up shot of a Yellow Gerbera flower.

I am Human

Go beyond your prejudices, your belief, your religion, your hatred and accept that no matter their sexual orientation, everyone is human first.

The Lioness

The Lioness chilling in shades, Safari World, Bangkok, Thailand
Exif Details: Camera - Nikon D5200 Lens     - Nikon 18-105 mm @ 105 mm Aperture - f/5.6 Exposure - 1/500 Sec.


My Favourite flag flying high, of course special post though little delayed for recently gone India's 72nd Independence Day 2018. I would like to wish a Very Happy Independence Day to all Indians across the world.
Exif Details: Camera             - Nikon D5200 Lens                  - Nikkor 55 mm - 300 mm f/4.5-f/5.6 Focal Length    - 300 mm Aperture           - f/5.6 Shutter Speed   - 1/1600 Sec.

Black Headed Ibis

Black Headed Ibis flying through brilliant blue sky at  Sultanpur National Park

Colorful Smiles

Colorful smiles all around as foreighnors enjoy Holi
Barsana, UP, India
Exif Details : Coming Soon :P

City of Future

Little desert town of Pushkar, Rajsthan turned into the city of future and light with a simple movement of the camera. You should experiment too who knows if you can also get sometime wonderful.
Pushkar, Rajsthan

Exif Details: Camera      : Nikon D5200 Lens        : Nikon 18 mm - 105 mm f/3.5 - f/5.6 Exposure    : 2.5 Sec. ISO         : ISO-100 Aperture    : f/3.5

Grey Parrot

Grey Parrot playing Peek-a-Boo at New Delhi Zoo
Exif Details: Camera       - Nikon D5200 Lens         - Nikon 55-300 mm f/4.5-f/6.3 Focal Length - 300 mm Exposure     - 1/60 Sec Aperture     - f/8 ISO          - ISO-1600

She Shoots Lasers with her Eyes

Naina modeling during Fashion Workshop at Studio Future Forward

Exif Details:

Camera     - Nikon D5200
Lens          - Nikon 55 mm to 300 mm f/3.5 - f/6.3
Exposure - 1/100 Sec
Aperture  - f/8
ISO           - ISO-250


Sometimes we get Flowers sometimes we have to be content with Thorns. Thorns are necessary as they save the plants and allow them to reproduce.
Exif Details: Camera   - Nikon D5200 Lens     - Nikon 18 mm - 105 mm f3.5 - f5.6 Focal    - 105 mm Exposure - 1/500 Aperture - f/9 ISO      - ISO-360

The Thief

A Parrot thief stealing the wheat stem from the farm
Exif Details: Camera        : Nikon D5200 Lens          : Nikon 55-300mm  Focal Length  : 300 mm Shutter Speed : 1/400 Secs. Aperture      : f/5.6 ISO           : ISO-640

Ring of Fire

Trying the steel wool photography, under the ring of fire Ankur, Thanks Ankur bro. Location - Pushkar, Rajsthan
Exif Details:Camera      : Nikon D5200 Lens            : Nikon 35mm f/1.8 Aperture   : f/8 Exposure  : 10 Sec. ISO              : ISO-100


Bokeh well just for the fun of it, no subject in the front of it required well at least this time.
Exit Details: Camera          -      Nikon D5200 Lens               -      Nikon 35 mm f/1.8 Aperture         -      f/1.8 Exposure        -      1/30 Sec ISO                  -      ISO-500
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Flowers in the field

Insect on the flowers in front of wheat farm

Portraits from Pushkar - #1

This will be the first picture from a new series I am starting titled "Portraits from Pushkar"
This is #1 in series

Camel herder at Pushkar, Rajsthan
Exif Details - 
Camera   - Nikon D5200 Lens     - Nikkor 18 - 105 mm Aperture - f/9 Shutter  - 1/320 ISO      - ISO-800

The Sun in my hand

Look how I captured the Sun in my hand

Exif Data:

Camera Model  - Nikon D5200
Lens Model       - Nikon Nikkor 35 f/1.8 @ f/22
Focal Length    - 35 mm
Aperture           - f/22
Exposure         - 1/60 Sec.
ISO Speed       - ISO 100

Yellow & Blue

A Peppy scene ripe for Pre-Wedding shoot. Studio Future Forward, Gurgaon


My fellow photographer and friend Monika became a model for us as well during  our Fashion Photography Workshop
Clicked at Studio Future Forward, Gurgaon
Exif Details: Camera      : Nikon D5200 Lens            : Carl Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 @ f/4.5 Exposure  : 1/125 Seconds ISO             : ISO-640 Flash         : No Flash
Small corrections made in Photoshop Express (Conversion to B&W etc.)

Two Boats in the Evening

Two boats in the evening on the beach of Yamuna river,  Keshi Ghaat, Vrindavan, UP

The Boat

The Boat in the evening,  Yamuna River, Vrindavan, UP

Above the Clouds

On our way to Chopta we reached a point where we were above the clouds and then we stayed above them for the stay. These clouds are covering the valley through which mighty Ganga river flows.


This cute little chameleon was very chill and enjoying its stay on the plant and stretching its back legs.

The Valley

View of Kedar Nath peaks and valley from Chandrashila trek in Chopta.


I found this awesome cat in New Delhi Zoo. Obviously it wasn't a member of the zoo and it sneaked in to steal food from the animals there.


This cute Pelican was just chilling and giving great poses.